CommitMonitor 1.11

A small tool to monitor Subversion repositories for new commits
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Stefan Küng

The new commits are shown on the top right of the main dialog, while the commit log message is shown at the bottom right.
A doublelick on any revision in the top right view will fetch the diff for that revision as a unified diff so you can further inspect the commit. If you have TortoiseSVN installed, the CommitMonitor automatically uses TortoiseSVN to do the diff.

You can configure the time interval the CommitMonitor should check your repositories for new commits.

Once CommitMonitor has found new commits to one or more of the repositories you monitor, it shows a notification popup, and the system tray icon changes the 'eyes' from black to red. And if you have the system tray animation enabled in the Options dialog, the eyes will also move around until you open the CommitMonitor main dialog (by doubleclicking on the system tray icon) and read the commits.

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